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Beauty Blender is a revolution in makeup application! Achieve flawless coverage with this unique, rounded makeup sponge.

The tapered end is perfect for the delicate eye area. The rounded end is great for application of both liquid and powder foundations. is an authorised retailer of Beautyblender sponges.

About Original BeautyBlender Makeup Sponges

What makes Beauty Blender the best makeup sponge on the market? It all comes down to the sponge formulation.

The sponge foam that makes up the Beautyblender has been designed specifically for makeup application. This is no cheap pharmacy sponge.

1. The tight weave assures flawless application. Beautyblenders don't feel like a normal sponges. They almost feel smooth.

2. Beautyblender will double in size when wet. Once wet, squeeze out the water. It will retain it's size and won't feel heavy.

3. Beautyblenders have been designed to not to absorb product. Once wet correctly they will not absorb product like a cheap sponge will.

Other sponges have tried, but they just can't reproduce the same sponge the same as Beautyblender. That cheap sponge is not only preventing you achieving an imperfect look, it is absorbing your product, wasting it and costing you more.

If you've been using a cheap sponge, then seriously give an original Beautyblender a go. You'll immediately notice notice the difference. Makeup is all about looking your best - you need the best tools for the job. 

- Is there any difference between colours? No, each colour has the same sponge formulation ;)

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