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Duo Striplash Adhesive - Dark

Duo Striplash Adhesive - Dark
Perfect for those with a love for dark and dramatic looks!

Duo Says:
DUO Striplash Adhesive is the world's best selling lash adhesive and has been a favorite of professional makeup artists for decades. This latex-based formula was created for all-day wear with strip lashes lasting several hours. Says:
Never again will you complete the perfect smoky eye or thick winged liner look, only to find your makeup spotted white with half-dried glue! The Duo Lash Adhesive in Dark blends perfectly with those lucky enough to be blessed with naturally dark lashes, and is perfect for dark eyeshadow looks as well.

No need to cross your fingers and wait for your lash glue to dry transparent, the dark formula will be undetectable straight away for the right look.

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• Check fit: Align the band with natural lash line to check fit. Trim excess if necessary.

• Apply adhesive: Apply a thin line of adhesive along the band. Wait 30 seconds to set.

• Apply lashes: secure lash band by pressing onto lash line.

DUO, the world’s best selling eyelash adhesive, is known as the most superior and effective lash bonding agent on the market. The DUO brand is subsidiary of American International Industries.

Originally owned by the Knomark Company, DUO was acquired by Revlon in 1957. When at Knomark and then Revlon, DUO was a one-time product line that found its way into drugstores and supermarkets. At the time false eyelashes were more expensive than they are today and lashes weren’t widely distributed. DUO became well-known in the 1970’s when movie stars and celebrities embraced faux lashes. When contestants of the Miss USA Beauty Pageant revealed the fabulous effect of lashes as their beauty secret, the lash frenzy began.

DUO, having been around for over 60 years, is the lash adhesive with history, brand recognition and a proven track record. Makeup artists and lash lovers have made DUO Lash Adhesive a well-known item. Women opened their eyes to false lashes and the staying power of DUO. As makeup artists say, “It’s not about the lashes, it’s the adhesive.” And the adhesive they use is DUO.

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