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The World of Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty is known and loved around the world for their dedication to improving makeup application. They have an extensive collection of products, including dozens of different brush types. There is a brush for every type of application from foundation to blush, eyeshadow to lips. Because all brushes are synthetic, they work well with Liquid, Cream and Powder products.

They were the first company to really make synthetic brushes popular in the beauty market. Traditionally, makeup brushes are made of goat or other animal hair. This means they were prone to shedding, and the last thing you want is a brush hair on a finished face!

Sigma have patented their very own Sigmax HD filament fibres, which make them super duper soft - probably the softest brush you'll find! Also, because the brush fibres are man-made, they have been designed not to absorb product. So this means they are more hygienic, and you'll use up less product.

Sigma Kabuki Brushes

Their most famous products have to be the Sigma Kabuki brushes. These brushes feature a thick handle and a dense, full brush head. They have thousands of bristles packed tightly together, and they feel silky smooth. Because they have a large surface area these brushes make applying foundation, blush and contour that much faster. These soft, yet dense brushes give an airbrushed finish to your foundation.

There are 5 types of Sigma Kabuki Brushes from Sigma F80, through to the Sigma F88. Each type has a different shape brush head, which are suited to applying different kinds of makeup.

F80 Flat - Sigma's most popular model. Great all round brush. Shape helps apply to the under-eye area.
F82 Round - Patting on powder is a breeze with this brush. Great buffer for mineral products.
F84 Angled - Angle makes it excellent for applying blush or contour to cheeks.
F86 Tapered - Tapered end allows delicate application where needed. Great as a alternative foundation brush.
F88 Flat Angled - Best of both worlds mixing a precise flat shape with an angled brush.

The Sigma F80 is the most popular face brush. If you are new to buying "decent" makeup brushes, then the F80 is a great brush for applying liquid foundation. If you prefer powder then the F82 brush is excellent for applying powder foundation.

You can also buy Sigma brushes in a set of 5 in the Sigma 5-piece Kit. It's a great idea to start with a full set, and learn to use the right brush for the right application. Once you have the tools, you'll find you can create a masterpiece :)

Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Mat

We should all clean our makeup brushes on a regular basis. Cleaning removes excess old product, keeps them hygienic, and softens up the bristles again. But washing your brushes is a big pain. You get a bowl of water, then try to rub them around on a towel. You end up ruining the towel, and your brushes aren't really that clean anyway.

The owners of Sigma come from engineering backgrounds so they are constantly refining their products to make them even better. Being big on innovation, Sigma Beauty keeps coming up with new ideas to make our lives easier. For instance, their latest invention is the Sigma Spa brush cleaning mat. It is made with special ridges designed to give a deep clean to your makeup brushes! Such a simple idea, and no more washing brushes on a towel.

Sigma came up with something that is simply genius. A hardwearing silicone mat, with different size bumps and ridges to help you move embedded makeup from your brushes. Simply wet your brush, turn on the tap and swish the brush around different areas of the glove. Not only is washing your brushes super easy now, it's really fun to do.

Why we Love Sigma Brushes

- Synthetic Brush Fibres that won't absorb product
- Silky Smooth Bristles
- Extensively tested by Youtubers and Bloggers around the world
- Genius Super Handy Cleaning Glove

We aim to stock a large selection of Sigma Brushes for all makeup applications. All of the testing and research done at Sigma Headquarters, results in a high quality, makeup brush line for professionals and amateurs alike. Whether you are a makeup artist, or just an everyday girl, then Sigma should be your brush of choice.

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