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Shane X Jeffree Conspiracy SOLD OUT

Shane X Jeffree Conspiracy SOLD OUT

Okay, so as many of you know, the Shane X Jeffree Conspiracy Collection has sold out worldwide...


At our stock sold out by 6.01am. We have never sold out of any launch that fast. Plus, we ordered way more Jeffree Star stock than we ever have for a launch before. That shows the level of demand that is out there for this stunning collection.

We were literally still uploading launch banners to the homepage, and we flicked over and the two palettes were both sold out by 6.01am. We then had to scramble to make a SOLD OUT banner at 6 in the morning!

The Largest Launch in Makeup History?

No makeup company has ever filmed the creation of a product from scratch in this way before. And to have the audiences of two of the most followed people on the internet is totally new as well. No one knew exactly how it would go, but the SOLD OUT signs everywhere have surpassed anyones expectations.

From the series it looked like they ordered just over 1,000,000 Conspiracy palettes - and they sold out within a few hours. We are not sure of Morphe's Jaclyn Hill Palette exact launch numbers, but we don't think it was anywhere close to that many units on the launch day. We believe this Shane X Jeffree Launch (along with all the other products in the collection) must make this the largest makeup launch ever.

To everyone who got up early on Saturday but missed out, we are very sorry. It was almost luck of the draw. There were thousands of people going after hundreds of palettes. Some got lucky, some didn't.

When will I get my order?

In terms of delivery, there are a lot of orders to pack. Normally we despatch all orders within 1 business day of payment, but this time there are so many orders, we are unlikely to be able to ship all orders out on Monday. Some will be despatched on Tuesday. Please be patient, and look out for your tracking email to know we have shipped.

If you were lucky enough to place an order, you should get your order in hand by this Thursday 7 November, but probably earlier. Some will get their Conspiracy palettes on Tuesday! Anyway, that's enough from us. We have caught up on sleep and now we will spend the rest of the weekend bubble wrapping palettes!

Thankyou for being part of Makeup History!

Thank you to everyone for your support of this launch! It was an amazing thing to be a part of. Makeup History was made, and the industry will never be the same now the game has been stepped up!

We are so looking forward watching the rest of the Youtube Series! How cool will it be to watch behind the scenes of launch day, all the reactions, and see what happens next.

There WILL be a Shane X Jeffree restock, we are just not sure exactly when. We are in contact with the JSC team, but understand that all JSC retailers around the world want a restock, so it may take some time before they can manufacture and release more.

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Posted: Sunday 3 November 2019

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